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  • My name is Scott Taylor, and EIM-LLC.US is my presence on the Internet. I'm a self-proclaimed Ford Think Fanatic, but remain hopeful that admitting it is the first step in recovery. I specialize in Ford Think instrument cluster repairs and modification, but also provide repair and upgrade services for the Ford Think. If you are looking for a part, either new, used, upgraded or modified, I can probably help you with that, particularly clusters, motors, motor controllers, wheel spacer/adapters, axles, and gel battery sales and installations. I offer new 5.5 HP and 7.7 HP motors, as well as motor controller reprogramming. I am currently not offering LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) battery upgrades or retrofits, as I am currently engineering a suitable Battery Management System (BMS) that will allow the lithium battery pack to perform with both reliability and longevity. In addition to upgrading and repairing Thinks, I offer very competitive pricing on new Deka 8G31 GEL batteries and changeout services, in the Northern Californa area. Other states are an option. --- I also offer an upgraded Delta-Q Charger with Integrated DC/DC Converter, which allows full functionality with the Ford Think, including the AC Plug Safety Interlock. (Most chargers do NOT.) This charger is a major improvement for the Ford Think.---

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