Electrons In Motion LLC

-------- Pricing --------

While cluster repair rates are generally flat rate, please note the following:
  • Cluster Repair (Rebuild)
  • We now only offer MMC-5 Modified Clusters. Repairs are availble on clusters previously sold and/or modified by Electrons In Motion LLC. Please contact us if you have a cluster previously worked on by a third party. Some attempted repairs are horrendous. There's a picture on this web site showing a botched repair attempt. Contact Electrons In Motion LLC, as we are reluctant to warranty someone else's work.
  • MMC-5 Modified Cluster
  • There are 3 prices, depending on your cluster; MMC-5's have a 1 year limited warranty, which EXCLUDES any damage caused by any problem or failure externally of the physical cluster. ie charger, DC-DC Converter, etc.
  • 1) If you send me a working cluster, it's $325.00, plus $25.00 shipping, insurance and delivery confirmation.
  • 2) If you send me a blown but repairable or modifiable cluster, it's $400.00 plus $25.00 shipping, insurance and delivery confirmation.
  • 3) If you don't have a core cluster to send in, or if your cluster is not repairable nor modifiable, please contact us. Pricing will depend on cost and availability for us to procure and/or provide a serviceable core available. The pricing for the MMC-5 starts at $499.00 plus $25.00 shipping, insurance and delivery confirmation, (plus Sales Tax in Ca)
  • 4) NOTE: If your cluster has failed due to an incompatible charger being connected to the cluster interlock circuit, it may be non-repairable and NOT covered under our limited warranty
  • Please call or email Electrons In Motion LLC if you have any questions (Scott@eim-llc.us)