Electrons In Motion LLC

The Ford Think Neighbor has been going on now for more than 14 years,and some things are getting 'tired'.

  • The instrument cluster: Please read more in the cluster section

  • Sevcon DC/DC Converter. Most of the time, when these fail, they output 8-10 Volts instead of 13 Volts. At 8 Volts, the green instrument cluster backlight will NOT light up, but headlights, etc will be dim. At 10 Volts, the backlight will be on but dim. You might not even notice that they are dim. Very seldom, however, (only in 3 so far), the DC/DC Converter shorts internaaly, putting > 72 Volts into the 13 Volt system. This has caused a vehicle fire within 30 seconds. (Makes sense... putting > 72 Volts into your cars battery connection would do much the same). Replacing your charger with the new one outlined elsewhere on this site will replace the Sevcon with a premium DC/DC Converter internally inside the new Delta-Q charger. It's also covered under the chargers' 2 yr limited warranty.

  • Batteries: ONLY use Deka 8G31 gel battery and keep them CHARGED. Any other battery type does not last long in this application. (Value, NOT Price, is the key!)

  • Kilovac Contactor: This connects the batteries to the motor controller. It has a High Voltage printed circuit board on it, which is exposed to the environment, and they are failing. Do NOT ever put in a lower voltage Kilovac Contactor! EIM rebuilds them

  • Multi Function Switch: (Turn signals, lights, wipers, flashers) Exposed to the elements, but EIM has a solution in the works

  • Rear Drive axles: We can get your broken axles repaired, or your operational axles beefed up

  • Motor: The original motor was the 4HP motor made by General Electric, and can be used with the 'D1' (Rev-1) or 'D2' (Rev-2) motor controller. It was prone to overheating, and Ford replaced many (under the 3 year Bumper-to-Bumper warranty), with a 6HP motor made by Advance DC Motors. The 6HP motor MUST have the 'D2' (Rev-2) controller.

    I have new 5.5HP and 7.7HP motors made by D & D. Both of these motors REQUIRE the 'D2' (Rev-2) motor controller.

    Note: Your 'D2' (Rev-2) motor controller will need to be reprogrammed if you are replacing a 4HP motor. Contact us for more details.

  • Motor Controller: These tend to fail with the cluster showing 5 bars all the time. (YES, 99% of the time, it's the controller, and we have remanufactured Rev-2 controllers available.)

  • Windshields: Don't EVER tow the Think backwards on an open trailer. We might have a used windshield available.

  • Plastics: (Fenders, etc) We might have what you're looking for.

  • Wheel Bearings: Replacement bearings and rebuilt hubs

  • Brake System: You can get new brake parts at NEC Accessories in Chandler, AZ
  • I recommend using a local reputable brake shop to perform the work.
  • Please call or email Scott at Electrons In Motion LLC if you have any questions (Scott@eim-llc.us)